Tuesday, 24 May 2011

May 17

And two more irritating parts of the build: The concrete on the patio ended up being very expensive, took a long time to organize, and wasn't the best job. We brought in Todd, owner/operator of the Concrete Kid, who spent a day trying to grind it down to mimic the existing terrazzo. The new idea is to patch the holes and then die the whole thing red, so it blends together. Despite the trials involved in the process (and the Concrete Kid's artist-like frustration over having his name attached to an imperfect product), it should look pretty cool in the end!

And the plumbing. Andrew (our plumber) and his gang are absolute superstars, but they're not the greatest at calculations, etc. This week was focused on passing the rough inspections-we breezed through all of them except plumbing. This had nothing to do with the quality of the work-the Inspectors commented on how tight it was. But we didn't have the calculations needed to support our work, so the week was spent feverishly trying to scratch together something adequate! In the end, we prevailed, and all relevant Departments signed off, allowing us to proceed with sheet rocking.

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