Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Make Westing
An awesome 7 page story by Jack London. After a year of debating bar names, we have decided to go with this. Jack London had strong ties with the Bay Area (in fact his "cabin" has been restored and sits less than two miles away). We like the sound of the name, and the story is about the urgent, all consuming need to make the westing wind and get to San Francisco. It seems apt, so we're going for it. (Although several people prefer Make West. So we might end up going with that instead.)

March 28

And there is officially no longer a wall!! Brilliant!!! I love the way the bocce courts are tucked away in the corner-I envision them being a pleasant surprise for new patrons, after they've already taken in the patio area and the beautiful big bar with the cavernous ceiling.

Mar 23

Another fantastic milestone! They've taken off the sheetrock separating our unit from the extra space, as well as totally demolishing the old frontage!! For the first time, we can get an idea of how the final space is going to feel and flow!!! Top pic is from within our future office, behind the bocce courts. Next is from the front corner, showing how the bocce will fit into the room. We will keep the ceiling over the bocce at 12 ft (where the sheetrock is cut off), and continue the 12 ft height over the patio in front and the bathrooms in back.
The final pic is taken from just outside the unit. The front corner (between the pony wall and the recessed column) will be a planter, featuring a fan aloe surrounded by other succulents. The area around there will be patio.

Mar 21

They've started to build!!! Amazing day, watching the existing frontage be demolished, the HVAC units hung, and the floor in the front portion of the unit chipped away (to provide a handicapped accessible grade rather than a step up).

Feb 26, 2011

A couple interior pics taken just before the beginning of the build. The first shows the front corner from the inside, including the ceiling and the recessed corner column. No one knows why they recessed this column, but it does provide us with a great focal point! All of the space in the photo will be patio once the frontage is recessed. The second shows, again, the interior from front to back.

June 2010

A few interior shots from June, 2009. First is the "dead space", separated from 1741 by a temporary wall. Our original plans didn't use this space, but it is perfectly oriented for bocce, so we ended up adding it to our space. Second is a back to front shot, and third a front to back, showing the high ceilings.


The current plan, with the recessed frontage and the bocce courts. Also, the original design, pre-patio and bocce, which shows the layout of the actual bar.

1741 Telegraph Ave

Computer Generated Graphic of what the Building would look like, our spot in relation to the gorgeous Fox Theater, and a current view of the exterior.