Saturday, 20 August 2011

August 19

Almost done with the floor! Sanded down to get rid of spilled paint, etc, and then two coats of polyurethene. We were going to use wax, to get rid of the poly plasticity. Time and money did not permit. But I like it as is-bit shiny at the moment, but it will die down soon when it gets scuffed and beat up.

Augst 18

Our "special" friend the health inspector decided that the ceiling above our food prep area had to be cleanable. We pointed out that the ceiling was 20 feet up, and so would not be getting any kitchen dirt. But he was adamant-it had to be cleanable. So we built him a ceiling. Good excuse to use some more copper up!

Sign is officially up. Looks pretty great, can't imagine anything I would rather have. Very glad we didn't go for a huge blade sign on the side of the building!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Aug 6

Dudes at Party.

August 5

Lady's room lounge progresses.


Temp inside hanging of our sign.

August 4

Lights arrive in my car-the trunk is broken.

Our brilliant painters do the patio in a day.


Flower cart.

Lady's lounge panelling.

August 1

Patio Ceiling!

July 27


July 26

Some douche told them to put the alarm console on the outside of the office. in doing so, they ruined the bar. I quit.