Tuesday, 28 June 2011

June 26

Faux Concrete Take 1: looks pretty good! And we've found Morning Fog Stucco Color, which will give it the darker, slightly green tint necessary to blend into the existing concrete.

And the floor is all down-looks fantastic!

June 24

A man and his mortar. The artist studies his faux concrete mock ups in search of the perfect blend.

Panelling, panelling. It does look good! Make it end?

June 22

Finishing off the flooring, made a box for our cocoa mat.

The concrete fiasco continues-this is the Concrete Kid's first pass at making our patio look nice. (aka atrocious).

And inside, the panelling continues.

June 20

Franklin busts out his pressure washer to tackle graffiti on the sidewalk and a horrible vomit stain on our new "sealed" capstones. Again, great work on that sealing job, CCI.

June 18

Tile is finally done! Looks good!

June 17

Concrete patio experiment continues-this is the lipstick red they brought to blend everything together.

At least the tile is getting close!

June 16

Finally got the holes in the terrazo patched.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

June 14

Panelling and Tiling! Getting ready to Panel the Bocce Ceiling, and the rest of the walls well underway. Note our panel drying system.

And that's a lot of tiles Axel is laying, don't envy him!!

June 10

Security Grills all up. We'll probably paint the small red ones black and maybe run some vines up them.

Moisture barrier under tiles applied.

Sheetrock up behind Bocce area.

And Panelling continues!

Friday, 10 June 2011

June 9

Tiling the bar floor. Exciting, we can put the equipment in as soon as it's finished, and our tilers are brilliant. But, a long and laborious job. Because the bar's so big, we need extensive sloping to make sure all water makes it to floor sinks-an expensive and time-consuming affair! Next time we use epoxy!!

More panelling up, spending lots of time figuring our how to make the lines of the panelling meet up in a coherent way. But looking good!

Security grills go up-gonna paint the black and possibly cover with vines, should look great!

And more and more sheetrocking!!!

June 8

Security Barriers down, film applied to the windows to protect from graffiti (a big problem-the kids love the acid etching!).

Hoping to paint our frontage black, with a big logo at the end. We'll see if the city goes for it!

June 7

Built some stairs to descend from the bocce area, lots of other odds and ends tied up, but the focus on the panelling. Got our test wall up and running, lots of time devoted to which detailing feature would be used.

In the end all agreed that the bottom right section of the wall, with horizontal trim running through the intersections, tied off with a nice vertical line, was the way to go.

Gonna look awesome!!

June 6

The last short fake column and cross beam go up.

June 2 Rudy's!

Test run for the bar top-using slate from reclaimed pool tables. Polished up, with the various holes filled in creative ways, should look great!

And the view across the street-Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, co-owned by one of the members of Green Day, makes a splash!

June 2

Today things started to roll. We brought in an amazing group of carpenters, and they put the pressure on us to get things moving.

Put strips up along bocce fire wall, ready for sheetrock and then panelling.

Started laying the floorboards on top of their moisture barrier whilst others were knocking out the crossbeams to go between the columns.

Began the adventure of designing the detailing for the mahogany panelling, and it's trim. This will eventually cover 75% of the walls.

Got the crossbeams over the backbar in place, the backbar itself will be made out of copper, very excited to see how it will turn out!

And as always, Glenn puts safety first while surveying the scene.

Monday, 6 June 2011

June 1

Shopping for fixtures at Urban Ore and doing a test run on desired frontage scheme whilst the Bocce ADA ramp is put in place.

May 31

Capstones on.