Monday, 25 July 2011

July 25

Finish the patio celing, looks cool!

Bocce goes down.

Hoisting bar bar into place!

I really can't believe we just built an f***ing bocce ball court.

July 24

Dropping the patio ceiling. Nice Sunday activity.

And the handrail to get down the bocce stairs. I really like it.

July 23

Hooking up bar fixtures.

Nice clean storage gets first coat epoxy flooring.

Steel support for backbar.

July 22

PG&E hook up the power.


Gotta stain all the panelling.

Bathrooms fixtures hooked up.

And chairs. Lots of chairs.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

July 16

Cool new light fixture we cobbled together.

Entertainment nerve center cabinetry-we can gets some decks if we ever want djs, etc.

Bar top is coming together.

And lighting fixtures, some reclaimed, some home depot specials.

July 15

Our Carpentry Family.

And we take a Friday Fieldtrip to the Museum.

July 14

Our Pagan boys put in lighting.

July 13

Playing with used pool tables, designing bar layout.

And our black subway tile bathroom!

July 12

Playing with Bocce Courts.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

June 7

Our bathroom hallway gets paneled, cool and quirky.

Eli gets a Hollywood set designer to help perfect the faux concrete method.

With fantastic results! Not quite there yet, but very very close to perfect!

And a pretty view of our building in the sunset.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

July 6

Test run painting the facade black. I think it looks pretty good!

And the bathrooms getting tiled. Had to order 5500 individual tiles instead of 650 boxes. It was cheaper.

July 1

Raul rollers sealant onto concrete. What?

Had a couple very successful trips to Urban Ore architectural reclamation yard (cool junkyard). And found our backbar! It was being used as display case, and had to be cut out of a hedge of brambles. Covered in rust. Occasionally falling apart. Perfect. Luckily, Eli got a truck.

Patio somewhat stripped and sealed. Saga finally at an end?