Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mar 23

Another fantastic milestone! They've taken off the sheetrock separating our unit from the extra space, as well as totally demolishing the old frontage!! For the first time, we can get an idea of how the final space is going to feel and flow!!! Top pic is from within our future office, behind the bocce courts. Next is from the front corner, showing how the bocce will fit into the room. We will keep the ceiling over the bocce at 12 ft (where the sheetrock is cut off), and continue the 12 ft height over the patio in front and the bathrooms in back.
The final pic is taken from just outside the unit. The front corner (between the pony wall and the recessed column) will be a planter, featuring a fan aloe surrounded by other succulents. The area around there will be patio.

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